We love pets!

We know how hard it is to travel with pets

There have been times where I personally have slept in my car with my dogs because no one would take me in!

I get it though owning a Caravan Park. You want to keep EVERY BODY happy in the Park. This includes our family of annual guests and our short staying guests.

As pet owners, we sometimes forget that other people do not like dogs. We also realise that some people may have a severe / morbid fear of dogs (Cynophobia).  Other people may have allergies or severe allergic reactions to pet hair.

This is why have specific cabins set up as pet friendly. We also only allow pets during the mid to low seasons. We do make exceptions for some animals for example an older smaller dog that requires medical supervision.

We have many dreams for Kanasta Caravan Park and one of them is a doggy run where your dogs can meet up and say hello to each other. For now we ask you respect our rules that protect you and your dog by keeping your beloved fur kid on a lead at all times.

There are PLENTY of doggie friendly beaches and paths around the Mornington Peninsula for an off lead run.

Please click here for further information about leash free  areas.

Sasha and Milo

Sasha and Milo (the owners dogs).

Pet Friendly Gallery