Welcome to Schoolies 2018!

We are opening up Kanasta Caravan Park to Schoolie groups as we have had so much success in the past! We welcome you and treat you with respect and kindness.

Congratulations on working hard and finishing school!

It is an exciting time for you all and we at Kanasta Caravan Park welcome you and understand that this time of the year is important for your memories as you become an adult and venture into the outside working/further education world.

With so many options to choose from after school, you really need a good break and to have fun !

Why choose Kanasta Caravan Park for your Schoolie experience?

  • Rye is one of the most popular places in the world for schoolies.
  • Kanasta is only walking distance to the main shops in Rye and the Rye Foreshore.
  • The beach is a 5 minute walk and if the weather is good, you can unwind and relax in the sun and go for a swim at the front or back beaches of Rye.
  • We are so close to Sorrento, the Hot Springs, the Enchanted Maze (to enjoy the advanced Tree Top walks), The Eagle and basically everything at your door step!
  • Woolworths is walking distance and so are wonderful breakfast and lunch places who understand your needs the morning after!
  • Lisa and Andy the managers of Kanasta Caravan Park understand you are young and want to enjoy your experience in Rye. Therefore they will treat you with respect and kindness while you enjoy your stay with us.
  • We have the most amazing luxurious cabins! BUT depending on your budget, we also have funky glampers. All accommodation is kept to strict clean hotel standards. We can also change your towels and we provide a mid week clean.

Why choose a Caravan Park over a House ?

  • We have staff 24/7 and do security checks at night as Andy who managers the park is also a trained security officer. This gives you peace of mind you are safe and secure when you get home.
  • We have a security dog Axel who everyone simply adores!  We also have Rose who can warn us if there are any dangers. Both dogs are big sooks but do deter a lot of unwanted drunk schoolies who will not be welcome in the park.
  • We provide a mid week cleaning service to change your bedding and towels.
  • We are onsite but we do respect your privacy.
  • We have a nice outside area where you can enjoy the parks surroundings and feel like you are in nature.
  • Kanasta is VERY peaceful and secure.
  • We have a wonderful games room you can enjoy.
  • We have a communal BBQ area you can enjoy.
  • We have a security gate!  Therefore no one can come in without a special code that is given to you. You may enter in and out anytime you wish but guests much register and be cleared by management.
  • We have little cabins, big cabins, budget cabins and luxury cabins. We also have glampers.  So many choices!  If you do not like sharing a big house with a lot of people and need some down time, we have you covered.

Parents, why choose Kanasta Caravan Park for your children?

  • Parents can relax in that all safety standards are set in place at Kanasta  Caravan Park for all schoolies groups.
  • We have cameras through out the park as well as having a closed automated gate that is closed after hours. Your children will have a code to use the pedistration gate, or if driving a remote control to obtain access to the park.
  • You can contact Lisa and Andy any time to check on your children.  We can give you updates and also we give them an ID badge just for fun to say they stayed with us.


What we ten do to find as a problem around Schoolies time is unwanted schoolies entering our park!  This is why we harp on about onsite security.

We are a secure enclosed park where you and your friends can relax before going out on the town. We are also fun and relaxing where you can enjoy the day and unwind.

In summary for parents:

  • It is all about safety and checking in on your child at Kanasta Caravan Park.
  • We do a strict screening process and work with you.
  • We also call you if your children are getting out of control.


Headspace recommendations for your children and what we remind them also



Onsite Managers Lisa and Andy

Lisa and Andy are Kanasta Caravans Park managers and live onsite with their 2 dogs Axl and Rose.

If you require anything throughout your stay please come and see them and they will be able to help you out.

How do I book?

If you are interested in making a booking and for the latest Schoolies specials, please contact us direct on 03 59 2638.   We can also be contacted via email at [email protected]