Enchanted Maze, Eagle Skylift and Retro Glamping at Kanasta Caravan Park.

Retro Glamping in Rye. Tess (Owner) and Milla (daughter).

I was fortunate enough to enjoy Kanasta Caravan Park with my children and their friends for the Melbourne Cup Weekend, 2017.  We stayed in the newest Retro Glamper “Mavis”. She hasn’t had her makeover […]

Reto Glamping and Retro Glampers at Kanasta Caravan Park

What is glamping and what is retro glamping?

Glamping means “glamorous camping”. It is a form of camping that has all the added luxuries that is not involved in regular camping. Hence why it is called “Glamping” .

When you add the “Retro” to Glamping, it refers to a Retro Caravan Glamping experience. Retro certain style […]

Enchanted Maze Garden

The Enchanted Maze Garden is an award winning natural attraction nestled in the beautiful hinterland of Arthurs Seat. Lose yourself in wonderland of mazes, marvel at the gardens, art and formal structures of hedge topiary. Be transported by giant sculpture, get tangled in a maze, or you can just set up a picnic next […]

Peninsula Hot Springs

Peninsula Hot Springs is the first natural hot springs and spa centre in Victoria, with only 90 minutes of travel from Melbourne, you won’t be disappointed. Natural thermal mineral waters flow into the pools and private baths and it will make sure you are relaxed and rejuvenated. View our package for a relaxation of […]

Why choose a cabin over a hotel?

A cabin is the perfect destination for your next family holiday.


Next time you go on holidays, why not consider staying in a cabin? Many people assume that a hotel can cater for all your needs as this is the usual way people book a holiday.

There are often better solutions for your family holiday.  These […]